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Russell Wilson game play


Russell Wilson Advisory Staff member


  • WHEN YOU FELL IN LOVE WITH THE GAME: At a young age, I was in middle school and my dad would wake me up at 6 a.m. to get outside and work on my game. I knew that in order for me to become successful, I was going to need to outwork everyone else.
  • YOUR HARDEST BATTLE: January 18, 2015, the NFC championship game in Seattle at CenturyLink field against the Green Bay Packers. Coming back in the fourth quarter, after a rough start and throwing four interceptions. The will to succeed that our team showed was unbelievable.
  • FAVORITE TIP TO GIVE YOUNG PLAYERS: Everyone wants to win, but not everyone is willing to work to be successful. In order to be truly elite you have to be willing to put in work when others are not. The separation on the field comes from the preparation you apply before the game.
  • FINISH THIS SENTENCE: NEXT FALL I AM GOING TO: … destroy doubt. The doubt people may have in me or our team. We will prove that this team is capable of winning championships.
  • YOUR FOOTBALL HERO/MENTOR: My father. The impact he had on and off the field, was invaluable. He constantly challenged me to be better and demand more from myself. “Why Not You have a Limitless Mind, Russell?” … “Why Not You be the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seaha¬wks?
  • WHY YOU PLAY WILSON: I play Wilson because I want to be the best at my craft. In order to achieve that goal, I need to use the best tools available to me. Wilson products allow me to perform at the pinnacle of my game.