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Fairweather fans aren’t a thing here. Built on the bedrock of unconditional support and enthusiasm for the colors that keep them together, WNBA fans exude a particular kind of loyalty all its own. Rep your favorite team all season long with your official WNBA gear. Available at the WNBA Team Shop, you can find the official WNBA gear you need to show your support.

As the original official NBA basketball, Wilson has been a leader in the game for decades. Grounded in our basketball roots, we strive to push the limits of innovation and creativity to deliver the best experience for WNBA fans and all of our basketball family. The official WNBA basketball in addition to each piece of WNBA gear are expressions of our love of basketball and basketball culture.

If you’re looking for official WNBA gear so that you can rep your favorite team, then you’ve come to the right place. Each shot, play, highlight, high-five, half-time and post-game interview are opportunities to celebrate the game and culture that bring us all together.

Authenticity is what builds credibility within our basketball family and across our league. Stay connected to your basketball family and pick up your official WNBA Gear, WNBA bags and WNBA backpacks from the WNBA Team Shop today.