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Wilson Staff Model Baseball Gloves


For the first time, Wilson Staff Model baseball gloves are available in North America. Based on popular Japanese designs and modified for the American style of play, these gloves feature only the most premium materials and expert craftsmanship.

For the infielders

Wilson Staff DL

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For the pitchers

Wilson Staff DP

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For the outfielders

Wilson Staff D8

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Gap Welting

A piece of the leather palm folded between the index and middle fingers is a longtime staple of Wilson Staff Model gloves. This structural change counters high-stress areas of the glove to maintain pocket stability. It can be found on modern North American gloves including the A2K 1785, A2K 1775 and A2K D33.

Double Palm Construction

A thin extra layer of premium leather is inserted between the palm and liner, allowing players to customize the break-in process and shape the glove to their preferences.

Dual Welting

Two strips of rolled leather embedded within each finger provide structure and stabilize the glove, allowing Wilson Staff models to maintain their shape when picking ground balls or making a snow-cone catch.