Irene Pollock’s Volleyball Drills Get You Prepared for the Season

Wilson Advisory Staff member Irene Pollock demonstrates two valuable drills to practice with both partners and teams.


Wilson has built its Advisory Staff from more than 10,000 coaches, teams, and programs, and includes both amateur and professional athletes from around the world. Wilson has supported volleyball for several decades, and their volleyballs, now iconic, are the preferred brand of several amateur and professional leagues.

Irene Pollock started her indoor volleyball career at Texas Christian University and hasn’t stopped since. She led the team in aces, points, and kills, and after she graduated, she began playing indoor professionally overseas. On the hardwood, her volleyball career has taken her to Switzerland and Poland, and then back to California as she transitioned to playing only professional beach volleyball. She also helped coach the UCLA beach volleyball team to a National Championship in 2019. 

Irene has hit Wilson volleyballs since she was a kid in Texas. In her own words,

“My favorite memory with Wilson was when my younger sister, Kristen, and I had our pepper sessions outside after dinner. We would play for hours, laughing, and getting eaten up by mosquitos until my mom would drag us in to get ready for bed.”

In 2018, Wilson was thrilled to add Irene to our roster of outstanding players who comprise the Volleyball Advisory Staff. Irene uses this platform to inspire new players and share her love of the sport with them.

Everyone is looking forward to getting back to playing their respective sports, and most athletes have found ways to stay in shape and practice while they wait. In the following videos, Irene demonstrates two drills that you can practice while you’re waiting to rejoin your volleyball team.

Can You Dig It?

This video of Irene and her coach shows a continuous drill meant to increase your ball control and setting skills.

  1. First, have your partner hit the ball to you in the angle.
  2. Your first contact with the ball is to dig up and forward.
  3. Your second contact with the ball is to pass the ball closer to the net.
  4. Your last contact with the ball is to set the ball to your partner.
  5. Next, your partner sets the ball to themselves twice.
  6. Lastly, your partner hits the ball to you in the angle to repeat the drill.


One Bounce Warm-Up Drill 

This drill requires four people, two on each side of the net. It’s a fun warmup drill to get your body and the competitive juices going, works on reaction time, and bettering the second ball. 

  1. Team 1 serves the ball to their opponents. 
  2. The opposing team passes the first ball to their partner.
  3. Your partner lets the passed ball hit the ground then reacts to the bounce by giving their partner the best set they can (bettering the second ball). 
  4. After setting the ball, your partner will hit it over the net to the other team. 
  5. A simple rule to remember is to let the ball bounce before each set! And have fun! 

Try these two drills out and let us know what you think! 

Want to learn more about Irene? Check out her Player Page here. Follow us on Instagram @wilsonvolleyball for more training tips from our Ad Staff pros.