Top 8 Volleyball Gifts for Coaches

It’s always volleyball season somewhere. Take a look at these great gifts for the volleyball coach in your life and make their holiday special this year.


People play volleyball all year round, from professional beach volleyball to indoor high school leagues. Its global appeal and fast play make it one of the most popular sports on the planet. The volleyball coach in your life deserves a reward for their hard work, no matter what the season, so here are some great gift ideas to make this holiday season unforgettable.


1. OPTX AVP Game Volleyball

Give the beach volleyball coach in your life an advantage with the OPTX AVP Game Volleyball. These volleyballs stand out from the sand, sky, water, and clouds using Wilson’s patented Visual Spin Technology (VST™) that leverages color variance to maximize visibility. The enhanced ball tracking combined with handcrafted, durable construction makes this the optimum volleyball for the beach player and coach. The OPTX volleyball is the AVP’s official game ball and features a premium microfiber composite leather cover.


2. Cast Away Volleyball


With December 2020 marking the 20th anniversary of its release, this synthetic volleyball is a replica of the iconic “Wilson” volleyball featured in the film Cast Away. An affordable and fun piece of memorabilia, the ball is the correct size and weight for professional play and offers 18-panel machine-sewn construction with a synthetic material cover. The butyl rubber bladder promotes extended air retention that reduces the need to re-inflate. This iconic Cast Away Volleyball is available for purchase inflated, deflated, or in a mini size for a fun souvenir.


3. K1 Gold Volleyball

Wilson’s K1 Gold Volleyball delivers game-changing momentum in an official sized indoor volleyball. Designed with a power lining technology that leverages its kinetic energy, it strikes a perfect balance between control and power. Its durable leather cover offers long-lasting performance through intense training and gameplay and provides a professional feel for competition levels. Choose from six color combinations on a white base, black, and white, or all white.


4. AVP Beach Volleyball Backpack

You’ve seen your volleyball coach lug their equipment to games and practices; why not help make it easier for them with Wilson’s AVP Beach Volleyball Backpack? This innovative pack features speed clips for knee pads and wet clothes and a front harness to hold their favorite volleyball. A built-in sand trap provides ventilation and helps keep the pack clean, and an integrated cooler pocket keeps snacks and drinks cold. This backpack's quality construction offers durability and convenience so your coach can concentrate on what they do best without worrying about their belongings.



5. Volleyball Performance Beach Hat

When your coach gets out into the hot sun, they need to protect their head from harmful rays and sunburn. The Wilson Volleyball Performance Beach Hat is a perfect solution that offers protection and endurance while absorbing perspiration. This hat will keep your coach comfortable and shielded so that they can focus on their coaching. It features quality construction for durability and sports the embroidered “W” Wilson logo.


6. Beach Ball Cart

Collapsible for easy storage and with the capacity to hold 24 volleyballs, Wilson's Beach Ball Cart makes the perfect gift for any volleyball coach. The frame is constructed of lightweight aluminum which allows for easy transport, and the ball bag is removable, designed for use with or without the frame!


7. Men’s Series Center Court Tank

This comfortable game-changing tank is designed with player comfort in mind. The soft patterned mesh is stretchy, breathable, and treated with our Anti-Odor finish to keep you cool, comfortable, and worry-free. The eco-friendly seamless construction prevents chafing, and it sports the classic USA initials on the front.


8. Women’s Goal Onesie

The Goal Onesie is crafted from quick-drying, anti-odor breathable stretch fabric and can be layered with shorts and skirts or on its own.  This versatile garment also sports a laser-cut back panel that offers maximum ventilation and makes a great gift for your athlete.