How Wilson and the McKibbins Hacked AVP Media Day

Wilson enlisted the McKibbin Brothers to help fans see the game like never before on AVP Media Day.


Setting the Stage

Ahead of AVP Media Day 2020, we leaned into our promise to help players see the game like never before with the OPTX, and applied it to our approach to content.

For players competing in the AVP Tour, Media Day can feel pretty similar year after year. Green screens and canned question and answer sessions for hours on end. Admittedly, Wilson has been part of that gauntlet in the past, and it’s not an environment that leads players to feel open, engaged, and genuine. That’s why this year, we knew things needed to be different.

With the launch of the revolutionary new OPTX Volleyball that uses innovative visual design to help players read and react to the game, Wilson has been rallying behind the idea of helping players “see the game like never before.” In this instance, that mantra goes beyond the product, and we took it to media day to truly give fans and players a view of the game they’ve never had.


The Idea

Wilson enlisted our Volleyball Advisory Staff members and resident YouTube stars, Maddison and Riley McKibbin to crack the code to AVP media day.

The solution was simple: put the players behind the camera. Wilson’s team collaborated with the McKibbin’s to gameplan the types of interviews, questions, and games that they could play with the AVP Pros that would let everyone’s true colors shine, and give fans a view of their heroes that they’d never had.

With Maddison and Riley behind the camera, the players opened up, laughed, joked, and had more fun than we’d ever seen them have at the Wilson station at Media Day.



The Aftermath

When it was all said and done, the nearly week-long event generated more stories, memorable moments, and inspiration than ever in Wilson’s history at Media Day.

Over the following months, along with the McKibbin Brothers and the AVP, Wilson will be rolling out all the best moments from the week on Social Media so that you can truly see the game like never before. Want to watch? Follow us:


Twitter: @wilsonvolley


The McKibbins

Instagram: @themckibbinbros