Best Gifts for Pickleball Players

Whether they’re seasoned picklers or new to the game, we’ve got the perfect pickleball gifts for your player.


Pickleball is quickly gaining popularity, and if you or someone you know is interested in playing this fun game, here is a guide to help you choose your equipment. Wilson's pickleball paddles, balls, and accessories make great year-round gifts. And with the Wilson name behind them, you can be assured of high-quality, durable products.


Let’s start with the basics – a pickleball paddle. This is a necessity when playing pickleball, so it’s a good thing that Wilson has three excellent options.


1. Juice Pickleball Paddle

First up, Juice. Launched earlier this year, Juice is the most powerful and forgiving paddle in the Wilson line. Perfect for players of all skill levels craving easy shot depth and a wider sweet spot to swing confidently.








2. Juice XL Pickleball Paddle

Next up, Juice XL. Featuring an elongated shape that is best suited for singles play, Juice XL gives you excellent reach and court coverage. Intermediate to advanced players will have an easier time with the smaller sweet spot.








3. Echo Pickleball Paddle

Last but not least, Echo. Wilson’s newest pickleball paddle, the Echo, is all about superior touch and feel. Sporting a classic shape with a textured surface for added spin, Echo gives you the ability to dink with precision and control.









You got the paddles, now you need the balls. There are many pickleball balls on the market, but none even comes close to the Wilson TRU 32 ball. Unique to the pickleball world, TRU 32 offers unparalleled flight consistency and bounce characteristics, thanks to its patented hole pattern. The 32 holes are evenly distributed, ensuring equal rotation for smooth performance.

TRU 32 is available in 2-packs as well as cases that include 48 balls to last for months of play!








Like with any racket sport, what you wear on your feet is almost as important as what you hold in your hand. Protect your ankles and give yourself that competitive edge with the proper footwear, like Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 Pickleball Shoes. These stylish kicks feature increased rubber density on the outsole for improved durability. Rush Pro is known for its appealing blend of stability, comfort and style on the court, and these babies are no exception. Note that these shoes are unisex and sizes are listed in US Men’s – add 1.5 to get comparable women’s sizing.







Pickleball Accessories



Pickleball Pro Overgrip

Measuring 31” long, this overgrip is engineered specifically for pickleball paddles. Overgrip provides excellent combination of tack and feel thanks to its high-stretch material that is perfect for replacing worn grips or building up grip size.






Super Tour Paddlepak

Designed specifically for pickleball players, this bag comfortably fits three pickleball paddles for convenient transportation. Additional highlights include: large compartment with organization for gear, vented shoe pocket, Thermoguard lining to protect paddles from extreme heat and two exterior fleece-lined accessory pockets for valuables.






Portable Pickleball Net System

Easily set up and take down your own pickleball court inside 10 minutes with this durable pickleball net system. Set includes netting (22 x 3 ft), steel base and carrying bag for convenient transportation.






Pickleball Script Tech T-shirt

Let them show their pickleball pride by proudly showcasing ‘Wilson Pickleball’ in a sharp, clean design across the front of this moisture-wicking t-shirt.







Pickleball Gift Set

Can’t decide which gift to give your favorite pickleballer? Why not give them a little bit of everything? Not only does our Pickleball Gift Set have all the essentials for pickleball lovers, but it is also the perfect starting off point for new players. The gift set includes a choice of paddle, TRU 32 balls, a t-shirt, overgrip, and a stylish hat.