2023 QBX Camp Registration & Results

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The Wilson QBX Camp is a Quarterback training camp for all Fall 2023 high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors: ages 13+ ONLY. Camps will be run immediately following the Rivals Combine Series at the same facility.

At the Wilson QBX camp, quarterbacks will go through a variety of drills using Wilson QBX Connected tracking technology, meaning that every ball thrown during the drills will collect data on the throw. Wilson uses an undetectable sensor inside of the ball that tracks every movement. That throw data is valuable from a training and recruiting standpoint so a coach and player can see where they currently stand in regard to their peers.

wilson connected tech

Learn more about how Wilson’s QBX Connected Football Technology is changing the game here

In addition to testing and measuring their throwing ability, all participants will receive elite QB training, premium access to the Rivals Combine, as well as a free recruiting profile on NCSAsports.org, where the athlete’s throwing metrics will be available for college coaches to review. An NCSA recruiting profile enables players throwing metrics to be searched for and discovered by more than 6,200 college football coaches in NCSA’s network. Athletes also will have free access to NCSA’s extensive library of NCAA-compliant recruiting information and advice to help them on their best path to college.


QB’s will go through elite Quarterback testing from QB Country. During the training, the footballs will record data using the Wilson QBX Connected technology. Show off your throwing skills. Wilson QBX Data Collected:

  1. SPIN RATE – how fast your ball is spinning in revolutions per minute (rpm). The higher the spin rate, the faster your pass is spiraling. More rapid spinning means the ball can move easier through the air, going faster and further. A good average spin rate is over 650 rpm, with NFL QB’s consistently in the 700-800 range

  2. SPIRAL EFFICIENCY – how tight your spiral is, on a scale of 1-100%. The tighter your spiral, the more accurate your passes generally are. NFL QB’s are consistently in the low to mid 90’s

  3. VELOCITY – how fast your pass is moving in miles per hour. NFL QB’s can throw 54-58 mph but sit in the 45-50 range on avg throughout a game. Higher velocity means the ball arrives to target quicker. The fastest ball is not always the best ball, the culmination of all the data points is what makes a good throw

  4. RELEASE TIME – measures the amount of time it takes to complete throwing motion from breaking of the hands to ball leaving the fingers. Faster release helps to avoid the ball being batted down at the line of scrimmage. Also gives you more time to make the right read. NFL QB’s have an average release time of 0.43 seconds, therefore the faster you can get the ball out, the better.


Ready to register? Use the links below to lock in your spot. All registration links are specific to Wilson QBX Camp. 




  • Wilson athletic shirt
  • Throwing metrics posted on the Wilson QBX national leaderboard
  • Discount Card for Wilson Footballs
  • Opportunity to enter a giveaway for an entire set of custom team footballs for your high school team
  • Gatorade hydration
  • Wilson Footballs will be provided during camp (Personal footballs will NOT be permitted to use during camp)



  • Top performers at the Wilson QB X Camp could get an opportunity to participate in the Rivals Camp the following day in the same city.
  • Throwing metrics shared with College Coaches
  • Be one of the first groups to throw the all-new Omega football by Wilson, which launches Spring 2023.



With your Wilson QB X Camp purchase, athletes will also receive a Rivals Combine Fast Pass. A Rivals Combine Fast Pass provides Premium Access to the NFL-style combine taking place prior to the Wilson QB X Camp at the same location. Premium Access allows you to bypass all waiting areas and get instant access to the field. Start your combine experience in the morning on fresh turf or later in the afternoon with no waiting in the athlete general admission bleacher section before combine check-in or the bag drop area before testing. Combine registration ends at 1 pm.

*Please note that your information will be shared with, Wilson Sporting Goods Co., Next College Student Athlete (NCSA), Yahoo! Inc. dba Rivals.com and its affiliates ("Rivals") once you have completed the registration process, and your player profile will be created on NCSAsports.org once you have participated in the camp.

RCX Sports, camp operating group, reserves the right in its sole discretion to reschedule or cancel any combine.


RCX Sports, camp operating group, at WilsonQBX@RCXsports.com


COST: $50 Camp Fee


  • Camp Check-in: 4:30-5:00 pm
  • QB Training Drills: 5:00 pm-6:00 pm
  • Wilson X Connected Drills: 6:00 pm-7:00 pm
  • Wilson QBX Camp Awards: 7:00 pm

WHAT TO BRING: Wear athletic clothes and cleats (no track or metal cleats are allowed) 

We checked in with Greg Gibson and Reese Phillips to talk all things Wilson QBX. Learn how our camp can get you the data you need to improve as a quarterback and get recruited by top programs!



Updated March 21st, 2023