Wilson Basketball Family Reunion Comes to NBA All-Star Weekend 2022

Here's everything you need to know about Wilson Basketball's Family Reunion at NBA All-Star Weekend 2022. 


The 2022 NBA All-Star Weekend just wrapped and Wilson was there with bells on. As the original and current Official Basketball of the NBA, we had plenty of stories to share, games to play and new memories to make.

Every now and then, we all need to get back together. Reminiscing and reconnecting in the same space is what keeps our bonds strong. During All-Star Weekend, our basketball family gathered in The Land for what was one of the most memorable weekends to date. The 75th anniversary of the NBA was a perfect time to host a Family Reunion for our basketball family. We're glad we got to see so many of you at NBA Crossover for a one-of-a-kind experience. If you weren't on-site, don't sweat it. You can still cop select All-Star and NBA 75th Anniversary balls on wilson.com. 



Our Hearts Don’t Beat, They Bounce. At the Wilson Basketball Family Reunion, everyone has a seat at the table. Every member has a story to share, a game to play and new memories to make. Whatever your connection to the game, you are a part of our family, so pull up a seat. If you’re in the family, you find home wherever you find a ball.


behind the scenes setting up the booth



This NBA All-Star Weekend, Wilson celebrated the 75th Anniversary of the NBA from the dining table of our first-ever Family Reunion. As Keepers of the Game, Wilson hosted this one-of-a-kind event to elevate communities connected by ball, with guest speakers from around the game joining the conversation to talk about the bonds they’ve made through the years. At the Family Reunion Table, every moment matters. Every member had a story to share, a game to play and new memories to make.

Check out the videos of all of our Family Reunion Dinner Table Discussions below and relive the reunion from the best seat in the house (yours!).



All times shown are in Eastern Time

5:30 PM -- Brand Stories / Collab Partners

Brand Stories & Collab Partners is centered around the stories we are able to tell through our partnerships. Gather at the dining table to join in on the conversation and connect with members of the Wilson Basketball family.

6:00 PM --  Bonded by Ball

Bonded By Ball emphasizes the relationship and connectivity created through basketball. At the dining table, we will have conversations that celebrate and elevate the communities that makes the game.



All times shown are in Eastern Time

1:30 PM -- No Days Off – Stay Ready On and Off Court

No Days Off means ball all year long. Around the dining table, connect and share with members of the family who live and breathe basketball. Hear how others are participating in the game on and off the court.


2:30 PM -- Social Media & Its Impact on the Game

Social Media & Its Impact on the Game explores the influence of social platforms. At the dining table, we will discuss just how hoopers and influencers alike are able to spread the message and impact of ball off court and on screen.


4:30 PM --  Coaches & Mentors of the Game

Coaches & Mentors is an opportunity to highlight the work of basketball leaders. Around the dining table, we will hear from members of the family who have spent their careers guiding hoopers through the game.


5:30 PM -- NXT Up – Prospects Navigating the Game

NXT Up focuses on prospective hoopers navigating through the game. We invite you to the dining table to discuss life from the point of view of young athletes and dig into their journey through basketball.



All times shown are in Eastern Time

1:30 PM  -- Constant Game Improvement 

Constant Game Improvement shines a light on the impact basketball has within the community. At the dining table, we will foster conversations around the benefits of intentional basketball programming and capture the influence the game has had on so many families.


2:30 PM  -- Inspired by the Game – Art & Design

Inspired by the Game puts an emphasis on the artists finding inspiration to create their own interpretations of the game. The dining table is the perfect place to connect with members of the family who are all about expressing their love of the game through art and design.


4:30 PM -- Art of the Tunnel Walk – Basketball Fashion

Art of the Tunnel Walk embodies the style and individuality of the athlete. Get ready to gather around the dining table to talk about the awaited fashion trends debuted from an athlete’s tunnel walk.


5:30 PM -- Music & the Game

Music & the Game dives into the impact music has on an athlete. Get the dining table talking about their go-to pre-game song or favorite playlist that gets them game-ready. Reminisce on the sounds of the game over the years.



All times shown are in Eastern Time

1:30 PM -- A1 Since Day 1 – Friends & Family

A1 Since Day 1 celebrates the friends and family that have supported ballers throughout their journey in the game. The dining table is where we sit to talk about the lifelong connections made through basketball and the people that make it all worth it.  


2:30 PM -- Women in Basketball

Make way for Women in Basketball. It’s time to get together at the dining table and celebrate the women on and off the court who made an impact in basketball. This is a conversation celebrating women changing the pace of the game.  


4:30 PM -- Shooters Shoot – Basketball Photography

Shooters Shoot acknowledges the impact of basketball photography in the game over the years. From NBA posters on the bedroom walls to high-res on-court victory shots, we come to the dining table to discuss how photography has helped capture the history of basketball.


5:30 PM -- Creating Community Change through Basketball

Creating Community Change through Basketball showcases leaders using the game to enact change. Connect with the family at the dining table to share how basketball is used to inspire and challenge communities and learn new ways to navigate through the sport.



In addition to our dinner table discussions, attendees of the NBA Crossover event got exclusive access to purchase limited-edition NBA All-Star basketballs, NBA 75th Anniversary Basketballs, and Wilson Sportswear. We also teamed up with Uninterrupted to release a limited number of the Wilson x Uninterrupted collab basketballs which launched on Friday, February 18. Select styles are still available on Wilson.com.





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Updated September 8, 2022